We love to grow and share a wide array of varieties of vegetables suitable to our changing climate here in Yolo County.  While we understand the value of “organic” certification and the ability to reassure potential customers of our practices through a third-party certifier, we currently opt to develop a more intimate relationship with those who want to support our farm and purchase our produce and flowers.  In fact, our livelihoods depend on those relationships! We invite anyone interested to come see our practices, which include transitioning to no-till bed preparation, hand-scale cultivation and weeding, the use of mulch and cover crops, organic compost, and future expansion of our pollinator-friendly hedgerows.  We believe that feeding the soil and growing and maintaining the biodiversity within that complex medium will ultimately feed us and our community in the most nutritious and nurturing way possible.


Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program allows you to share in the seasonality of what we grow while making it financially feasible for us to invest in the materials we need early in the year to feed you all season long! Choose from our two box sizes and prepay for the season by session. Boxes will be packed and delivered on Tuesdays starting on March 5, and wee have 3x 13-week CSA sessions in 2019: March 5 through May 28 (Spring), June 4 through August 27 (Summer), and September 3 through November 26 (Fall).  

Option #1:

Basic share ($22/week; $286 per session) –  this size contains 6 to 8 items every week and is good for a couple that cooks on a regular basis or a household of 3 or 4 that cook every other night, or so.

Option #2:

Large share ($30/week; $390 per session) – this size is truly for the foodie or family who cooks on a regular basis and is looking to always eat in season.  8 to 12 items a week, all season long.


Our cut flowers are grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and are available on a very seasonal basis.  You won’t find hybrid long-stem roses or stock carnations in our fields! Instead, you will find beauty and whimsy and regionally-appropriate varieties of blooms intermingled with fruits, foliage, and other fun botanicals.  You can find our bouquets at the farmers market, or contact Keren for availability.