About us


Keren has grown food on a homesteading and small production scale for a little over a decade.  In 2017, equipped with a love for flowers and general horticultural and production experience, she apprenticed with a floriculture program at a diverse farm in Sonoma County. In 2018, she felt confident enough to coalesce her learnings into action and started her own flower and veggie farm business with two of her friends, including her life partner, Sean. The flowers and veggies of Mud Dauber Farm are an expression of her love and life’s work of feeding people through their bellies and their souls.


Sean comes to Mud Dauber Farm with 10 years of vegetable production under his belt. With formative exposure to macrobiotics and acupressure, the healing qualities of food and the dynamic interplay between energetic forces guides Sean’s movements in the field and in the kitchen. Always a song in his heart, from coaxing little seedlings in the greenhouse out of their cells and into the earth, tending them to the day of harvest, he loves his role in bringing fresh food to his community.


Marisol began tending the land in 2009 and has been growing in curiosity of most things landbased since. Starting with veggies, and then meat, her interests have been inspired by the place she occupies. Marisol’s current positive obsession is building with natural materials like the heavy clay here at Mud Dauber Farm. She is our farm’s most skilled and practiced human mud dauber.


Meesh comes to us from a muddy lineage, but at the very least, we’re pretty sure she was born in Esparto, CA.  A loyal blue heeler mutty mix, she might alarm you with her barky greetings (and her stunning coat), but don’t worry, she’s just a love-pup at heart!  Give her some belly rubs and she’ll be your best friend (at least until Sean comes around).

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