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What is Mud Dauber?

“Break-A-Dawn Farm” for a name that we feel more aligned with: “Mud Dauber Farm”.  The mud dauber is a classification of wasps that build their nests from clay and dirt.  The adults drink flower nectar, which we think could be an awesome part of the logo design, especially for the bouquet sleeve stickers (a mud dauber on a flower… we would love to discuss what kind of flower), and they also paralyze different kinds of spiders and then stuff the paralyzed spiders into their nests, along with their own eggs, so that when their young larvae hatch, they feed on the spiders that have been incapacitated.  This is so the baby mud dauber larvae have fresh food, since the spiders aren’t dead and rotting.  Anyway, we love spiders, but we DO think this is a fascinating strategy that this wasp has developed to feed its young.  Also, Marisol is a natural builder and has literally built her home out here on the farm out of clay/mud!  AND we have lots of mud daubers out here, competing with the paper wasps, as well. Sean and I also play with clay while farming, so we appreciate the nod to the predator insect that naturally lives out here, as well as incorporating our own mud daubing lifestyles!

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